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Why I love Whittington School !


At our school we have our own sports coach that is called Mr Sheridon who works full time with all of the classes from reception to year 6 blush 


At our school we have kind friendly members of staff always ready to help !                                                                                                                                                                                                             At Whittingon we have solution makers in pairs each day trained children from Yr 5 at break and lunch time we go around in bright orange jackets with solution maker on the jackets with a lanyard each with our name on .

                  By Bellacheeky



Whittington school

This school includes a lot e.g amazing teachers, brilliant lessons, nice kids, the dream room, even it's very own sports coach!surprise


In year 5 in maths we are doing negative numbers and positive numbers, it's great fun! In english we are looking at mystery stories and starting to write our own, our main topic is the USA and space 


We have good clubs to e.g python (a type of coding), choir, lego,after school club and many more. Mostly them don't cost either! 

That's why I go to Whittington school


Whittington school(By Olivia)

                                                WHITTINGTON SCHOOL                                                                                                                           By Olivia Cetin                                                                                     INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                       I think that Whittington school is a really good school .All of the teachers are really kind and caring ,and if you 

whittington is cool :) about year five


for any of you kids out there that want join the amazing Whittington C of E Primary School ,

here is a bit of info about this small, sporty and inspirational community. So lets tell you about the stuff that happen here and familiarise you with our school. Lets start with P.E, why not? In year 5 , at the moment we are doing hockey and doing fun things like something called millionaire catch and our cricket coach, Tyler has a cricket bat and cricket ball and  there's seven levels of catching the ball when Tyler bats it. It gets harder and harder until level seven.

Our school!

our school is a amazing school!

i love that we get are own p.e coach and sometimes we get to do activities outside set up by the p.e coach!are p.e lessons are very fun smileylaugh!

the teachers at this school are lovleyangeland they organise lots of events like the pantomime next week!smiley

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